Easter egg-spiration

Being based at a venue, Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa, I am always looking to szoosh the more common areas; like the restaurant, bar and reception. I decided this Easter was going to be more rustic, natural and eco-friendly. Water-wise succulents in egg shells was a great idea, until I needed the eggs… My family was eating ALOT of scrambled, fried, boiled, any type of breakfast egg and loads of bakes. It is probably easier to ask a venue (I should have asked the lodge in this instance), or friends and neighbours.

This is a lovely project, not only because it looks so natural and beautiful, but because you can plant the succulent in your garden after. You can even plant it in the egg shell. The egg carton can go in your compost heap and the little eggs in the cupboard for next Easter.

I placed little glitter eggs in between when I had finished the project for the Easter fun effect. I got this at the craft shop.

And there you go!! Easy as pie and all the items are in your kitchen. You can get creative too.

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